Asa Adams

Name: Asa Adams

Hometown: Brodhead, Kentucky
Social Media Links –
Facebook: Asa Adams
Twitter: a_adams88
Instagram: a_adams88
Hobbies: When I’m not working I’m usually on the water. Besides work and fishing, I’m following anything and everything NASCAR I go to several races and support Dale Earnhardt Jr. I also enjoy detailing Vehicles and boats, and am always working on my tackle.
Home Lake: Lake Linville and Cedar Creek lake /River:Lake Cumberland
Largest Catch: 8.2
Fishing Strengths: Shallow water flipping and pitching and cranking anywhere from 1 foot to 30 foot
Fishing Achievements: over the past two years i have won over 50 local club tournaments, 2 renegade tournaments. And just this year have been a participant in The Oakley Big bass and Sealys Big bass series.
Favorite Fishing Story: I have many favorite fish catches. But the story that stands out most to me happened this past July. One of my partners and my self were fishing a night tournament on Lake Cumberland. We were paralleling a bank cranking, and throwing spinner baits and I accidentally kicked in one of my Chronarch/ Duckett combos into the lake. I was devastated. We threw rattle traps treble hooks everything in the world we could to try and hook the rod and reel (it was in 18 foot of water) after about 30 minutes we gave up. Later we came back down that bank and my partner was throwing a swimbait. Just a single exposed 5/0 hook with a swim bait on it. As he dropped it and went to raise he said “oooo there’s one…. Wait a second” instead of setting the hook he eased up and reeled in my rod and reel. He had hooked the center eye on the rod! It was that deep for over a hour. And I was fortunate enough to get it back. Of course the lure on the end of my chronarch was a Stan Sloan Zorro Aggravator!!



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