Brandon Leach

Name: Brandon Leach

Hometown: Lawrenceburg Ky

Social Media Links –
Facebook: Brandon Leach
Twitter: ___brandonscott
Instagram: Brandonscottfishing

Hobbies: Hunting whenever I’m not fishing , I love playing basketball and I  play paintball too.

Home Lake/River: Lake Cumberland

Largest Catch: 8.7

Fishing Strengths: I am very adaptive and never get down. I like fishing shallow water (8 ft and shallower) around wood stumps and logs.

Fishing Achievements: Won high school tournament on Kentucky Lake.

Favorite Fishing Story: We were fishing on a small lake called Herrington Lake during a big storm, as soon as we were about to pack up and leave before the storm got to bad we caught 7 within 20 mins with a 5 pound kicker which is huge on this lake.

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