Jeremy Pinkowski

Name: Jeremy Pinkowski
Hometown: Oak Forest Illinois
Social Media-
Hobbies- Fishing of course, but when I am not doing  that I am playing pick up hockey games. I also enjoy cooking.
Home Lake/river: Southern Lake Michigan, Door County  Area and Calumet river
Largest Catch: 6.00lb Largemouth 5.57lb Smallmouth
Fishing Strengths- Finesse fishing for Smallmouth, power fishing, and jig and texas rig fishing for Largemouth
Fishing achievements-  My fishing achievements include getting Stan Sloans Zorro Bait Company Pro Team. And making Kistler Rods High School Field Staff.
Favorite fishing story-  My  favorite fishing story is when we were fishing Door County this year. And we were sitting in a crystal clear channel right by a flat.  All you could see is beds of smallmouth all over the place. I was throwing a drop shot with a Jackall Dart Hog on. Once it would hit the bed the smallmouth would just take it and run with it. We probably caught 45 smallmouth in a half a hour.

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