Jonathan Ratzlaff


Name: Jonathon Ratzlaff 
Hometown: Mt.juliet, Tennessee
Social Media Links –
Twitter: @jonathon516
Instagram: @jonathon_ratzlaff
Hobbies: play hockey, golf, saltwater fishing
Home lake: Old hickory/ Percy Priest
Largest catch: my biggest black bass was a largemouth just shy of 7lbs. But caught a kingfish in the 45lb range in the gulf.
Strengths: I feel my biggest strength is being able to slow down and adjust to the conditions. I love to power fish but I can pick up a spinning rod when I need to.
Achievements: 4 wins, 5 top 3s, and 16 top 5s in various tournaments over the past 3 years. Made the 2014 TBF state tournament.
Favorite story: Was practicing for a tournament about 2 years ago and was fishing a topwater around some trees with mayflys in them. I was catching a few small ones here and there but hooked into something I thought was a little better ended up being 2 fish hooked on the 2 hooks of the popper. A 3 1/4 small mouth on the back hook and a 4lb even largemouth on the front hook. That pattern continued through into the tournament the next week and I ended up winning with 13.4lbs.

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