Wilson Burton

Name: Wilson C. Burton Jr.

Hometown:  Harrison, Ohio

Hobbies: I love to Fish!  If I’m not fishing I’m rabbit hunting or playing sports (Rugby and Cornhole)!

Home Lake/River: Ohio River

Largest Catch:  9.20lb Largemouth Bass on Lake Sam Rayburn

Fishing Strengths: I’m a Power Fisherman and love to fish deep.  I have also turn my game up a notch by learning tidal waters (Sabine River, James River, and the Potomac River).

Fishing Achievements:  My favorite fishing achievement is fishing the FLW on Sam Rayburn in 2012 as a Co-Angler.  I finished 3rd overall.

Favorite Fishing Story:  I pulled up on a red clay bank on Sam Rayburn and was throwing a 6XD Blue Chart Crankbait on 12# Seaguar Red Label.  I have pulled several 20lb+ bags from this spot in the past month and took home a few first and third place finishes.  This was late December and the big girls were on the ledges.  My partner was eager and so was I.  We got to the spot and start chunking and winding.  People started to find out where we were fishing so we had company.  Luckily we picked a low launching number.  About 2 hours went by and zero fish.  My partner wanted to leave and so did I.  Right when he said you want to try another spot, my line felt heavy and it was on.  The fish came right up, jumped out of the water, and we netted her quickly.  We were pumped with this 6.23lbder.  With three hours down, we started chunking and winding some more.  I didn’t drop the Crankbait.  I was exhausted.  With 5 hour down and no bites we wanted to move again.  Kegan suggested moving 20 yards and as soon as I moved the boat it was like some tried yanking the pole out of my hand.   I put my rod in the water and the big girl came right up and I walk the 8.42lbder in the net.  I casted right back in the same spot and caught a 2.28lb Kentucky.  We finished 3rd with only three bites that day.  We left the last hour and should of probably stayed but a great experience.

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