Adam Jones

Name: Adam C. Jones

Hometown: Knoxville, Tn by way of Pippa Passes, Ky

Social Media Links –

Instagram: thefitfisherman

Hobbies: Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Weight Training

Home Lake/River: Douglas Lake, Tn

Largest Catch: 10-3oz Horseshoe Lake Arkansas

Fishing Strengths: Offshore Ledge Fishing, Drop Shotting Smallmouth

Fishing Achievements: Multiple AOY trophies in Knox County Bassmasters, 2013 FLW/TBF Eastern Divisional Champion, 2014 TBF Southern Divisional Runner Up-TN Div., 2015 TBF/FLW National Championship Qualifier

Favorite Fishing Story: One time had a powerhead go out during blast off and had a buddy tow us to our first offshore spot where we proceeded to absolutely wear them out. Then tow us back to the ramp where we finished second!

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