Rick Harris

Name: Rick Harris
Hometown: San Angelo TX
Instagram: Rickedgetx
Hobbies: Working out, going to show/concerts and traveling.
Home Lake/River: Lake Nasworthy
Largest Catch: Largemouth 10.3lbs
Fishing Strengths: Cranking, pitchin/flippin, senko, dropshot, jerkbait and football jig.

Fishing Achievements: Top 50 Central Open’s 2014, won a few club tournaments
Favorite Fishing Story: Have to be when I won a club event by 10lbs from the back of the boat on Hubbard Creek Lake. It was February and a cold front just blew in. Everyone was fishing super slow and I decided to speed it up and burn a trap and I crushed em. It’s a really cool feeling trying different things and figuring something out that no one else is doing. That’s whats so fun about fishing, figuring out the puzzle and succeeding.

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