Rattlin Booza Bug

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  • The Rattlin Booza Bug features our snap on rattler.
  • To ensure a quality bait, all rattlers are epoxied on to ensure it never breaks or falls off.
  • The epoxy process has 2 benefits for the bait:
    • The rattler completely surrounds the hook shank to ensure lasting quality.
    • The epoxy sets the rattler back to give better spacing for the skirt to adhere. This feature locks the skirt.
  • It's unique head & hook (5/0 micro point, 28 degree pulling point) design with brushguard, makes it the most weedless flipping booza bug on the market.

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Head Colors

Black, Brown Pepper, Green Pepper, Pumpkin Pepper, Smoke, Unpainted, Watermelon, White

Skirt Colors

Bamboo Red Glitter, Barren River Craw, Black, Black & Blue, Black & Chartreuse, Black & Red, Black, Grape, and Pink, Blue Gill, Blue Shade Fishscale, Blue, White, & Chartreuse, Brown, Bubble Gum & Clear, Cajun Craw, Chartreuse, Chartreuse & Blue, Chartreuse & White, Cumberlin Craw, Dale Hollow Craw, Fiesta, Get the Net, Grape, It’s a Keeper, Magic Crew, Missouri Craw, Ole Smokey, Oops, P. B. & Grape Jelly, Pearl with Blue, Pumpkin Pepper, Pumpkin Pepper, Orange, & Chartreuse, Red & Bubble Gum, Ronnie Craw, Sexy Shad, Smoke Pepper, Summer Craw, Tennesee June Bug, Uh Oh, Watermelon, Watermelon Candy, White, White, Lime, & Chartreuse, Zorro Fire Tiger, Zorro Green Pumpkin


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