Rattlin Short Arm Aggravator

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  • The Rattlin Aggravator comes with our specially designed rattle that slides on the wire which gives maximum sound due to the vibration created by the blades when winding or dropping this lure.
  • The New Aggravator is possibly the most vibrating spinner bait on the market today due to the design of the blades.
  • The New Head is designed like our jigs with spurs under the skirt to hold plastic trailers.
  • All heads are epoxy painted with double dotted eyes.

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Head Colors

Black, Brown Pepper, Bubble Gum, Chartreuse, Green Pepper, Pumpkin Pepper, Red, Smoke, Watermelon, White

Skirt Colors

Bamboo Red Glitter, Barren River Craw, Black, Black & Blue, Black & Chartreuse, Black & Red, Black, Grape, and Pink, Blue Gill, Blue Shade Fishscale, Blue, White, & Chartreuse, Brown, Bubble Gum & Clear, Cajun Craw, Chartreuse, Chartreuse & Blue, Chartreuse & White, Cumberlin Craw, Dale Hollow Craw, Fiesta, Get the Net, Grape, It’s a Keeper, Magic Crew, Missouri Craw, Ole Smokey, Oops, P. B. & Grape Jelly, Pearl with Blue, Pumpkin Pepper, Pumpkin Pepper, Orange, & Chartreuse, Red & Bubble Gum, Ronnie Craw, Sexy Shad, Smoke Pepper, Summer Craw, Tennesee June Bug, Uh Oh, Watermelon, Watermelon Candy, White, White, Lime, & Chartreuse, Zorro Fire Tiger, Zorro Green Pumpkin

Blade Shapes


Blade Colors

Black, Bubble Gum, Chartreuse, Gold, Nickel, Red, White


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