Zorro Super Double Black Light

Two lights in one. The top light illuminates the line while the bottom light lights up the bank and line.


  • All of Zorro's lights are made with a flip top allowing you to retie without turning on any other source of light. Simply flip the top to redirect the light. A REAL TIME SAVER!
  • Ruggedly constructed satin anodized aluminum finish.
  • Three specially made two inch suction cups for better hold and stability in the roughest water.
  • A lens for protection and durability.
  • Lock-in bulb sockets.
  • Double switches on the Wormer and Double models to allow bulbs to work independently of each other with the use of a single super strong ballast (PAT. PEND.). Top switch must be in “ON” position for the unit to work, while the bottom switch allows for independent use of bottom light.

Available in corded and cordless models.



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